History of Valencia

For information about the history of Valencia, please visit the following website: visitvalencia.com.


Spain's official language is Spanish but at most hotels and tourist places, English is also spoken. In Valencia you will perhaps read and listen to messages in Valencian language, which is co-official, but always besides the Spanish version.

Airport arrival

There is a subway station inside the Valencia airport. It is cheap, safe and easy to use. You will arrive to the city in around 20 minutes. A taxi is faster but will cost around 25 euros. We recommend using Euros for payment, whether for the subway or taxis, in any situation. Additional details regarding airport arrival procedures and navigating Valencia can be found on visitvalencia.com.

The closest subway station to the venue is the Colon station. Please remember that our venue is the old University building, now called La Nau Cultural Center. It is not besides the university campus but in the centre of the city.

For delegates who would like to have assistance upon arrival, a member of the Local Committee will be at the Valencia Airport. This person will be in charge of accompanying IASA delegates from your arrival Terminal to your taxi.

If you wish to receive this assistance, we kindly ask you to send an email at least some days before arrival to Jorge García, jogarcia@ivc.gva.es  providing the following information:

Name (and the names of your travel companions)

Contact mobile number

Airline and flight number

Date and time of arrival

Name and address of your accommodation 


Visas for Spain are generally not necessary for stays of up to 90 days. Some nationalities require a Schengen visa.

Before and during the trip we recommend that any information related to safety, health, administrative procedures such as the issuance of visas, etc. be verified with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the traveler's country.

For visa requirements, see: Conditions for entry into Spain.

Conference venue

Conference sessions will be held at the historic University of Valencia building, now known as Centro Cultural La Nau, centrally located in the heart of the city. The address of the venue is Address: Calle de la Universidad, 2, 46003, Valencia, España.


Valencia has seen significant tourism growth, leading to the development of numerous new hotels, many of which are near the beach or in newer neighborhoods, with easy access to the center via bus, metro, or taxi. The old city features numerous small, recently built hotels and many tourist apartments, offering a range of options.

On a map, Valencia's center resembles a pizza slice bordered by the river garden to the north and northeast, and two major avenues forming a lower angle: Gran Vía de Fernando el Católico - Gran Vía de Ramón y Cajal to the west, and Gran Vía de Germanías - Gran Vía del Marqués del Turia to the east. Any accommodation within this area allows for a pleasant walk to the La Nau Cultural Center, typically within 15 minutes.

Accommodation options are available for booking through various platforms including www.meliá.comvisitvalencia.comTrivago and Booking.com. For attendees of the conference, discounted rates are available at the Valencia Oceanic Hotel.

Conference attendees are strongly encouraged to secure their accommodations in advance due to the concurrent scheduling of several other events during the conference period.


Near the venue, numerous dining spots offer lunch and dinner, typically opening around 12:30 or 13:00. You'll also find plenty of places to grab a coffee. For more details on restaurants can be explored on visitvalencia.com.

Time zone

Spain`s time zone is GMT+02:00. The current time in Spain can be seen at: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/spain/valencia


In September, the weather is usually hot with balmy evenings. The average daily temperatures are between 29 and 18 degrees Celsius. Delegates are recommended to pack light and cool clothing. 

Electrical plugs

Spain uses power plugs and sockets of type F, with a standard voltage of 230 V at a frequency of 50 Hz. Therefore, a power plug travel adapter designed for sockets of type F is required.

The conference venue will provide several charging sockets for delegates' convenience. Nonetheless, we encourage all attendees to ensure that their mobile phones and laptops are fully charged at their hotels before arriving at the conference venue. This is particularly important for those intending to utilize their devices for presentations or for accessing the English/Turkish translation service offered on Zoom.


We strongly advise obtaining travel and medical insurance before your trip. Please refrain from consuming tap water and opt for bottled water instead.

In case of medical emergencies, Hospital Clínico Universitario de Valencia is the nearest healthcare facility to the venue.

Safety considerations

In Spain, 112 is the general number for contacting all types of emergency services.

Currency and exchange rate

Spain uses the Euro as its official currency. Euro bills have slightly different sizes and strikingly distinctive colors which helps to differentiate them. You can find 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500. Money can be exchanged on your arrival at the airport, or anytime at banks and exchange houses.